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Carbon Steel Titan Raptor - Double Edge Karambit/ High carbon steel/ Tactical/ EDC TC-41

  • $ 4500

Titan International Knives Damascus Karambit is a wicked blade, hand crafted to slash through any obstacle. Our Karambit has over 22 hrs of work into it including forging, filing, fitting, grinding, polishing. The diamond wood scales are locked in place with the multiple Brass pins. The handle gives a comfortable grip which allows you to maneuver the blade with ease. The knife is weighted to have a balance point just right where the blade meets the handle, to better help slash things open. This Double Edge Karmabit blade is one of our best Tactical blades ever!

Steel: 1080 C
Blade Hardness: 55-58HRC on Rockwell scale
Blade size: 3.5 inch
Overall size: 7.4 inch
Handle material: Diamond Wood

Recommended Knife Maintenance:
Sharpening: Can be performed with any system, recommend the use of oil on 22.5deg fixtures
Surface treatment: Recommend that the knife is not kept in the sheath and in dry environment. In case rust develops, remove with steel wool or 3M 1000 grit pads with oil and use metal polish to prevent from reoccurring.

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