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Eldertree Hunter's Knife TK-097 (Compact)

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Blade material: Damascus steel (15N20,1095) 
Blade size: 4 inch 
Overall size:  8.2 inch 
Handle material: Black Walnut

Introducing a masterpiece of craftsmanship and elegance: the High Carbon Damascus Steel Knife with a touch of rustic charm. Crafted with precision and passion, this exquisite blade is a testament to both form and function.

Forged from the finest High Carbon Damascus steel, every ripple and pattern in the blade tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship and unparalleled strength. With a blade length of 4 inches, it strikes the perfect balance between versatility and precision, ready to tackle any task with grace and efficiency.

But it's not just about the blade. The handle, meticulously carved from rich Black Walnut wood, adds a touch of natural beauty and warmth to the knife. Each grain tells a tale of endurance and resilience, complementing the strength of the steel. And to elevate its allure further, a majestic deer is delicately engraved onto the handle, capturing the essence of the wilderness and adding a unique touch of character.

With a handle length of 4.2 inches, it fits snugly and comfortably in your hand, ensuring a secure grip and precise control with every use. Whether you're in the kitchen, the workshop, or the great outdoors, this knife is your trusty companion, blending style and functionality seamlessly.

Embrace the artistry of traditional craftsmanship and the allure of nature with the High Carbon Damascus Steel Knife with Black Walnut Handle. It's not just a tool; it's a symbol of timeless elegance and unwavering strength.

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