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Introducing the Titan TK-060 Damascus Steel Skinner Knife with Rosewood & Stag Grip

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Experience the ultimate functionality with the Titan TK-060 Damascus Steel Skinner Knife with Rosewood & Stag Horn Grip. Designed to excel in skinning and hunting tasks, this knife offers a perfect balance of practicality and stunning craftsmanship.

Handcrafted with many hours of meticulous work, this utility knife is far more than just a decorative piece. The forging, filing, fitting, grinding, and polishing processes are a testament to the dedication put into creating a functional tool that will meet your needs in the field.

The Rosewood & Stag handle not only adds an exquisite touch but also provides a natural and comfortable grip. With careful file work on the backside of the blade and an indentation, the knife offers enhanced safety by preventing hands from slipping off during use.

Weighing in with a balanced point just above the bolster, this knife is perfectly suited for hunting jobs. The remarkable workmanship showcased in every detail of this knife ensures that it will be a reliable companion on your hunting adventures.

The blade of the TTK-060 is crafted from Damascus steel, forged using a combination of 1095 High Carbon and 4340 High Tensile Steel, forming over 450+ layers. We employ an oil quenching and tempering process, resulting in a remarkable hardness of 58-60 Rockwell C. Damascus steel offers numerous advantages, including superior blade edge resistance, micro serrations from the alternating layers, and enhanced ductility from the HT 4340 layer.

With a blade size of 3.1 inches and an overall size of 3 inches, this knife strikes a perfect balance between compactness and functionality. The Rosewood handle adds a touch of elegance while ensuring a secure grip.

To maintain the knife's performance, we recommend regular maintenance. Sharpening can be done with any system, and we suggest using oil on 22.5-degree fixtures for best results. For surface treatment, it is advised to keep the knife in a dry environment and not stored in the sheath. In the event of rust, it can be removed with steel wool or 3M 1000 grit pads with oil, followed by the use of metal polish to prevent reoccurrence.

Unlock the true potential of a functional and visually stunning skinner knife with the Titan TK-060 Damascus Steel Skinner Knife. Embrace the craftsmanship and reliability that this knife brings to your hunting experiences.

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